Kongo Tech Get Free Followers Real Or Hype?

Kongo Tech Get Free: Hello friends, are you also looking for new ways to increase followers on Instagram and have not found any good method yet, but in today’s article we will tell you about a website with the help of which you can increase followers on Instagram Can do. Yes

Do these websites give free followers? We are going to give you complete information about whether this is true or not. Can followers be increased through this? So let’s find out

What Is Kongo Tech?

This is a blog website. Every day new articles are published on it and in every article it is written about increasing followers on Instagram and in these third party apps and websites are reviewed and after reading these articles you can increase your Instagram followers. Are. may increase

How does Kongo Tech work?

Articles are written on this website every day. In which you have been told new ways to increase free Instagram followers, with the help of which you can increase followers and likes on your Instagram. Along with this, you also get some ways on this blog website in which you can get followers without logging in. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a single penny here.

The Lure Of Freebies And More Followers

There are many other websites like Kongo Tech which lure you to increase followers for free and quickly, you get trapped in their trap, after that you waste your time here and then you do not even get followers. Therefore, you should stay away from such websites because they do this only for their own benefit.

Too Many Redirects

After visiting KANGO TECH website it sends you to other websites, which we call REDIRECTION. In this way, the owners of this website take money from the owners of other websites and also earn money from you by showing advertisements on their site.

The aim of such sites is only to earn money from their users, they do not care about anyone, whether they have knowledge or not.

Kongo Tech Real or Fake?

Kongo Tech is a real website but the followers increased from here are not real. Because on this website articles are written about websites and APPs that increase followers on Instagram and the followers increased by these websites or APPs are not real because they do not like and view your posts, hence from such websites. You should avoid increasing followers

Some such facts, after knowing which you will know what is real and what is fake, are as follows:

Fake Followers: Followers boosted by such websites are fake, they only appear on your profile but are not there.

No Engagement: Increase Followers with Kongo Tech They are not engaged with you because they neither like your post nor comment on it and as soon as you publish a post on your account they see it. Neither are there. They do not exist, whether they exist or not. It’s one thing to have such followers.

Account may be closed: The followers increased through such websites are fake and they are also against the policy of Instagram and if Instagram comes to know about it then your account may also be closed, so you should avoid it. . You should not increase followers through such websites.

Harmful for reputation: If you also want to get more followers in less time through such a website, then think once because the increased followers from here harm your reputation.


In today’s article Kongo Tech, we have told you about a website to increase followers on Instagram which promises to give you 10k free followers. We have also discussed whether it gives followers or not. I hope you liked this article.

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