Ns News India Karan k Tech Free Instagram Followers Real Or Fake? 2024

Ns News India Karan k Tech: Hello friends, has it ever happened to you while using Instagram that you too would have a lot of followers? We all dream of having a blue tick on our account and a large number of followers. Before you think or search how to increase your followers, let me tell you about free Instagram followers and I am going to tell you about Ns News India Karan k Tech. Is it Aladdin’s lamp for you or just a reflection? Buckle up because now I’m going to tell you the whole truth step by step, so let’s get started.

Does NS News India Karan k Tech help you get free followers?

Well, you can increase your followers from here! But is there a problem here? From here you do not get real followers because on this website you are told more about third party apps and websites and they are promoted and then through them you get followers but later they leave, hence you get such websites. Are. If you want to show people that you have millions of followers on your account, then you can use a website like NS News India Karan’s Tech.

Why do fake followers harm Me, not help?

Let’s look at a quote to understand this. For example, let’s say you have a wedding and you invite people who are strangers to your wedding, what will they do? They will just eat, dance and have fun, they are like fake followers who don’t like or comment on your posts, they just appear on your profile.

  • Brands Look Engagement: Whatever sponsoring company is there, it only sees the engagement on your account, it sees how many people like or comment on your post, so you should pay attention to this before increasing fake followers.
  • Reach Not Increased: If the number of fake followers on your account is very high then the reach of your posts will never increase because Instagram does not send such accounts to more people.
  • Hurt Your Reputation: If you have fake followers then your reputation will be bad because in today’s time people can recognize from a kilometer away whether your followers are fake or real, so you should focus on the real methods.

The moral path-Ns News India Karan k Tech

Increasing followers from such websites is against Instagram’s policy. If you are caught, your account may be closed and all your hard work will be wasted. It will be as if you imagined something but you are not. No ?

How To Increase Real Followers

Forget the methods to increase followers quickly or forget the shortcut to increase followers because now I am going to give you the mantra to increase real followers, after chanting which your followers will get wings. Let us know about that mantra

  1. Create Killer Content For Your Audience: You have to create such content on your account that appeals to people and your audience watches it again and again, whether it is reels, memes, photography, whatever, it should be great content, only then more and more people will see it and it also goes viral. Can That’s why you have to work on killer content
  2. Engage With Audience: As soon as comments start coming on your post and people start DM you, then here you have to work hard. Reply to every comment and every DM. The audience should treat you as if you are a member of their family and the day people feel If you start feeling like this then you will become popular that day.
  3. Use Popular Hashtags: If you have any friends in this race then they are hashtags. Yes friends, you are right, you heard that you should use popular hashtags in your posts, like if you are making reels then you have to use hashtags related to that topic. For example, if the topic of your reels is education, then you will have to use education related hashtags.
  4. Collaborate With Other: To increase followers on Instagram, you will have to collaborate with other Instagrammers because if you collaborate with an Instagrammer who has followers in millions, then your followers can also increase because whatever audience sees his content will be like your profile. will also come
  5. It is important to have patience: It is very important to be patient because if you want real followers then you will have to be patient. You cannot become popular overnight, so keep some patience.
  6. Remember: those who walk smoothly go to great pain, just like there is a saying, a rabbit thought how will his uncle compete with him and he goes to sleep, but the rabbit goes ahead of him, so you have to become a rabbit and keep going, you will get success. It will definitely take some time

Karan K Tech Youtube Channel

Ns News India Karan k Tech

As you all know, they also have a channel on YouTube which gives you tips to increase followers on Instagram. Actually, they do not give you tips, they just promote their website and earn a lot of money from here. They have nothing to do with you. They have nothing to do with it, they are just concerned about their money, so you have to be a little careful.

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Last Line: Ns News India Karan k Tech

Ns News India Karan k Tech free instagram followers do attract you and this is a shortcut by which you get followers but these are not real followers. They can attract you for a short time but they do not last for a long time, hence you should You have to leave the shortcuts and follow the right path because they only take you to the dark path.

Remember this: Your fake followers will be with you only for a short time, so you should focus on increasing real followers because the followers you increase late will stay with you forever and your posts will also get likes and comments.

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