Free Instagram Followers Real Or Fake 2024 Let’s assume that in today’s influencer era, increasing Instagram followers seems like climbing Mount Everest. If I tell you about a website from which you can increase Instagram followers for free, will you find it interesting or not? The name of that website is www This website promises to increase followers on Instagram for free.

Before you proceed further, let us tell you about this website. And we will bring you the reality of this website whether the promises it makes are fake or real. The propaganda it makes may or may not be true. Or is it like a publicity machine? This is what we are going to know in today’s article.

Publicity :

www is a website which makes tempting promises to you. It claims to increase free Instagram followers. This website makes promises like increasing followers for free, getting targeted followers and increasing Instagram followers instantly. It shows you all the dreams that you have as an Instagram user. This website also claims that they have given as many followers to Instagram users in the world as they are satisfied with. Doesn’t it seem like magic to you?

fact check

Let us now tell you about its details. When you come to know that there is a website through which you can increase your Instagram followers for free, will it ever come to your mind that is this true? And if it is not true then it is a lie. And will you accept what someone says just because he says so? If it comes to your question of yes or no, then you will definitely say that first get proper information about it. Often the free followers are bots or inactive accounts. These free followers increase the number of your followers but they do not do anything for you. If you use such services without thinking, Instagram can also flag your account.

Now we will tell you about some such warnings by which you can identify a website like Because the information on these websites is not given correctly. There are some warnings for this which you have to keep in mind-

False Claims: No work can be done overnight. It takes time to do any work. And if it is about development, then the time required for it is even more obvious. The promises of increasing millions of followers within a short time are false. If anyone is making such a promise to you, then understand that he is trying to influence you.

Lack of clarity: If you follow any website which promises to increase your followers, then it is important for you to know how they provide these followers or from where they get these followers. This website makes such promises to you that you get trapped in its trap and it keeps on trapping you.

Review: You should do your research before getting misled by any such website. In this you have to see what is the reaction of those to whom this website has provided its services. Or what they say or think about it. If they say negative things about it or do not consider it good then you should also stay away from it. This will be right for you.

Other routes:

When you come to know that this website is fake, then what other routes are left in front of you on which you can reach your destination. If we say, there are many routes through which you can easily increase your Instagram followers. And it will not feel like climbing Mount Everest. Let us inform you about some routes:-

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  • Create high quality content: If you want to increase your Instagram followers, then you should create content whose quality is high. Your photos and videos should be such that they can attract people towards you. Make people aware of your personality and also share your story so that they can take inspiration from your life values.
  • Collaborate: Participate in all those discussions which you feel will be beneficial. You should make your collaboration with people who are already famous on Instagram. Stay connected with your followers because this is the key to your success. And don’t forget to reply to comments.
  • Use hashtags: Use those hashtags that your audience likes. And you can also do research related to their likes and dislikes, it will be helpful for you. Therefore, you should use famous hashtags in your post.
  • Comment and Like: If you want to get closer to your destination, then you must like and comment on the posts of other users. With this, those users will also comment and like you. This will increase cooperation between them and you. And you already know that when any work is done with mutual cooperation, it definitely becomes successful.
  • Take help of advertising: If you have more budget then you can run advertisements on your posts. So that your post will reach more and more people. And if they like your post then they will like, comment, share and follow your post as much as possible. In this way you can increase the number of followers on your account.

Summary may make false promises or make false claims to you, but you have to remember that you should not get misled by any such website without doing research. If you want permanent development, then it is important that you adopt those methods which are right and which can lead to your permanent development. It is better if you do not fall into the trap of such websites.

Don’t waste your precious time like this. If you spend your time in the right direction, you will definitely be successful in achieving your goal, even if it takes you a lot of time. This is the way to success like any other. You can adopt this type of method for the success of Instagram also.

And before using websites like, do research about them so that your time is not wasted like this. You stay connected with us, we will keep giving you more such information.

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