top 10 mutual fund apps in India

As of my last update in January 2022, here are some of the popular mutual fund apps in India:

  1. Groww: Groww is a user-friendly mutual fund investment platform that allows users to invest in a variety of mutual funds based on their financial goals and risk appetite. It offers features like goal-based investing, tax-saving options, and expert recommendations.
  2. Zerodha Coin: Zerodha Coin is a mutual fund investment platform offered by Zerodha, a leading discount brokerage firm in India. It provides commission-free direct mutual fund investments with a simple and intuitive interface.
  3. ETMONEY: ETMONEY is a comprehensive financial services app that offers mutual fund investments, insurance, loans, and expense tracking features. It provides personalized investment recommendations and goal-based planning tools.
  4. Paytm Money: Paytm Money is a digital investment platform that offers mutual fund investments, stocks, and gold through a single app. It provides access to a wide range of mutual funds from various asset management companies.
  5. MyCAMS: MyCAMS is an app provided by Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), which allows investors to invest in mutual funds serviced by CAMS. It provides a consolidated view of mutual fund holdings and transaction history across multiple fund houses.
  6. Kuvera: Kuvera is a mutual fund investment platform that offers commission-free direct mutual fund investments. It provides portfolio tracking, goal-based investing, and tax-saving solutions for investors.
  7. Scripbox: Scripbox is an online mutual fund platform that offers curated mutual fund portfolios based on investors’ financial goals and risk profiles. It provides automated investing solutions and personalized recommendations.
  8. Axis Mutual Fund EasyApp: Axis Mutual Fund EasyApp is the official mobile app of Axis Mutual Fund, allowing investors to invest in Axis Mutual Fund schemes conveniently. It offers features like paperless KYC, tracking investments, and SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) management.
  9. Invezta: Invezta is a robo-advisory mutual fund platform that offers personalized investment recommendations based on investors’ risk profiles and financial goals. It provides automated portfolio management and rebalancing features.
  10. Upstox MF: Upstox MF is a mutual fund investment platform offered by Upstox, a popular online discount brokerage firm. It allows users to invest in direct mutual funds with zero commission charges and provides a seamless investment experience.

Please note that the availability of these apps and their features may have changed since my last update, so I recommend verifying the latest information and user reviews before choosing a mutual fund app for your investment needs.

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